Grooming new talent with MICE Salon

MEET TAIWAN spearheads moves to train MICE industry professionals.

Attendees engage in interactive experiences with Ultra Combos Interactive Design Co.
Attendees engage in interactive experiences with Ultra Combos Interactive Design Co. Photo Credit: TAITRA

MEET TAIWAN has launched a MICE talent training project that aims to cultivate new talent for the MICE industry. This is in response to the global labour shortage and changes in the MICE industry following the pandemic.

MICE Salon aims to develop a new generation of MICE professionals. The MEET TAIWAN programme, organised by the MICE talent training project, MICE Salon, will focus on developing young professionals with knowledge in digital technology, sustainable MICE, MICE marketing, and MICE design.

Monthly courses are scheduled, including online instructional short videos and MICE talent matchmaking expos to provide a more systematic learning platform for the young generation of MICE professionals.

The first session took place on 27 April where Ultra Combos Interactive Design Co, known for its expertise in integrating software, hardware, aesthetics, and technology to design digital experiences, was invited to lead the session. They guided the participants through the process of how digital technologies could create immersive and innovative experiences for MICE.

Ultra Combos presented a real-life case study and encouraged participants to brainstorm creative solutions that not only fulfilled the client's requirements but also integrated cutting-edge technologies such as VR and AR.

These technologies were combined with a mobile app, allowing attendees to engage in interactive experiences. After a 25-minute brainstorming session, participants had the opportunity to share their ideas. Ultra Combos provided valuable feedback and unveiled the selected elements that would be implemented in the actual event.

These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between the industry and emerging talents, offering opportunities for build awareness and keep up with industry trends.

The concept of MICE Salon was derived from the salons that were popular in 17th and 18th century France. The original meaning referred to gatherings that promote mutual exchange and self-improvement in a pleasant environment. The MICE Salon series of courses embraces the salon spirit. In addition to the curriculum, the Salon serves as an ideal platform for communication and learning among MICE  professionals and those interested in entering the MICE field. It provides an opportunity for networking and enhancing communication skills while fostering a sense of community within the MICE  industry.