Driving visibility in the exhibitions market

Global Exhibition Day on 7 June 2023 will promote and highlight the importance of exhibitions.

A global day for exhibitions will promote and highlight the importance of exhibitions.
A global day for exhibitions will promote and highlight the importance of exhibitions. Photo Credit: Adobe stock/pattilabelle

Global Exhibition Day (GED) is making a comeback on 7 June 2023. Promoted by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), GED will be themed “We run the meeting places and marketplaces for everyone”.

Its goals include promoting and highlighting the importance that exhibitions have in all our lives. The annual event was launched in 2016 to drive visibility of the exhibition Industry locally, regionally and on a global scale. In recent years, it saw activations and activities from industry players in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

UFI president, Michael Duck, said: “Ever since we launched GED in 2016 as an industry, it has been growing in reach and relevance, and the campaign was crucial to keep decision makers aware of us throughout the dark times of the pandemic.

“Now, after the post-pandemic recovery, GED allows us to focus and highlight the critical role we play for every industry, every community that we serve. More than ever, we have the opportunity to be seen by policymakers and decision makers as the important sector that we are. I encourage everyone to join this year’s activities.”

To facilitate the community’s activities for GED 2023, UFI has an online toolkit for interested parties to use when promoting GED. This day of advocacy is supported by more than 60 national and international industry associations and facilitated by UFI.

All businesses and professionals in the sector are encouraged to join the GED celebrations on 7 June 2023 by highlighting the impact of exhibitions on facilitating the communication and collaboration of all types of industries and marketplaces.

How to get involved:

· Share your GED2023 activities and keep updated on industry preparations by visiting GED2023.

· Create or take part in a #GED2023 initiative

· Follow the hashtag #GED2023 on all social media platforms

· Share social posts promoting #GED2023 using the correct tags and logos

· Create posts that share stories, product launches, event attendees, quotes, and statistics

· Highlight the importance of exhibitions wherever possible

· Ask government officials for endorsement and recognition of the day