AsiaWorld-Expo deploys “CLeanTech" disinfection installation

A test centre and COVID-19 specimen collection facilities are now at AsiaWorld-Expo for inbound travellers

The CLeanTech door will be opened automatically for visitors to enter the event hall when they have passed the built-in temperature check. Credit: AsiaWorld-Expo

HONG KONG - AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), one of the leading exhibition and convention centres in Asia, is introducing "CLeanTech" disinfection installation and advanced air purification technology. It aims to strengthen the confidence of exhibitors and visitors with the use of high performance disinfection initiatives as it prepares for eventual recovery.

Ms Irene Chan, CEO, AsiaWorld-Expo Management Limited, said, "The Hong Kong SAR Government has announced a sum of HK$30 billion (US$ 3.84 billion) for the Anti-epidemic Fund. More than HK$1,000 million has been earmarked for the industry to reinvigorate Hong Kong's reputation as an international premier C&E hub.

"AsiaWorld-Expo welcomes the measures and goes an extra mile to proactively engage with manufacturers specialising in biotechnology and disinfection applications. By thoroughly disinfecting the venue through scientifically-proved solutions, AWE safeguards the health of visitors and staff with products of high and long-lasting efficacy, and sets the example for industry fellows to provide safe and healthy environments when event activities eventually resume."

The company has set-up a temporary test centre and COVID-19 specimen collection facilities at AsiaWorld-Expo for inbound travellers.

"This eases the demand on hospitals for isolation wards. It is an affirmation of the capabilities of AsiaWorld-Expo in its epidemic prevention and effective sanitation efforts. Once COVID-19 is under control, we are fully ready to bring back various large-scale exhibitions and exciting events in collaboration with our stakeholders," said Ms Chan.

The venue has partnered with a professional biotech and sanitising company, BioEm Air Sanitising Technology Company Limited, to introduce "CLeanTech", an innovative three-in-one disinfection installation combining BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying technology, Aegis Intelligence and negative room pressure design. Subject to organisers' needs and event scale, AWE plans to deploy such devices at upcoming major trade exhibitions and conventions.

Visitors will be admitted through the device before entering event halls. The device door will be opened automatically when visitors have passed the built-in temperature check. After entering CLeanTech, outfits and carry-on items will be sanitised in 12 seconds.

After entering CLeanTech, outfits and carry-on items will be sanitised in 12 seconds. Credit: AsiaWorld-Expo

Specifically designed for air sanitisation and purification, BioEm is a natural botanical disinfection solution that can kill viruses, including SARS (99.99%), H3N2(99.99%), H1N1(99.995%), and bacteria. The ingredients are said to be natural and safe and can effectively kill indoor bacteria.

Aegis Intelligence is used to purify doors and door handles at major entrances, escalator handrails, washrooms and chairs in restaurants. It can eliminate potentially dangerous microbes on objects with a durability of up to 12 months.

These safeguards help protect frontline staff and reduce the need for frequent manual work, while also reducing reliance on sanitisers.

To protect the health of staff members, AsiaWorld-Expo plans to apply Aegis Intelligence to the uniforms of frontline staff.

Mr Sammy Tsui, founder and managing director, BioEm Air Sanitising Technology Company Limited, said, "In 2003, SARS was what pushed the founding team to establish BioEm. Based on scientific evidence, we successfully used a variety of natural plant extracts to develop BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying Liquid.

"The product has passed the Long-term Inhalation Safely Test Certificate of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Human Skin Sensitive Test of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and was accredited in the 2009 Geneva International Innovation Invention Award."