Seoul take MICE participants on ‘Korean Wave’

Seoul Convention Bureau builds experiential offerings around the popular NANTA show, Pangshow and Running Man

shseoul221019-NANTAperformanceThe NANTA Show.

SEOUL - Every business trip to the South Korean capital of Seoul will be exhilarating: That's what the Seoul Convention Bureau has promised to do with its experiential offerings for MICE participants.

Riding on "Korean Wave" - the wave of Korean pop culture activities that grew in huge popularity around the world - Seoul Convention Bureau has tapped on the country's trendy entertainment like NANTA, Pangshow and Running Man to enrich the experiences of international groups that are in the city for business events.


NANTA started as one of the initial tides of the Korean Wave mesmerizing more than 8 million global audience in total with spectacular performance laid on traditional Korean rhythmical music, Samulnori. 

This unique nonverbal performance has no barriers in age, ethnicity background, nor languages in reaching out its energy that NANTA team building experience is truly for anyone from any groups. 

Lively energy during the show engaging the audience runs in the air while participants "nanta" - meaning hitting freely in Korean - various objects. The harmonious sound made together with up to 100 team members per session reflects the success of the team building each time.

shseoul221019a-Pangshow The Pangshow.


Creating bonds happens affectively when team members share something new together. Pangshow offers a one-of-a-kind team building session where participants learn baking simple bread with ingredients possible for customising to the taste and take a cruise tour around the beautiful Hangang River watching live entertaining performance based on the famous K-drama. 

Stories and memories shared will serve as a ground to build a long lasting team spirit upon it. The session is available for maximum capacity of 180 participants at one session makes it suitable for big groups.

shseoul221019b-UrbanQuestUrban Quest.


The popular TV game show has launched many team-building programs in Seoul to reflect the format of the program, which sees members solve the missions together. The collaboration within the team and the friendly competition beyond adds to the excitement. 

Out of many similar programs in Korea, the Urban Quest provides customising of the places and time upon request. Participants are guaranteed to be wowed by the vast selection of tourism hotspots, famous Korean food, authentic local cultural experience, and more during their tailored program. The options are endless.

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