It’s time to catch up on peer-to-peer networking, says SACEOS president

The newly elected 43rd Executive Committee headed by Richard Ireland will work towards building positive vibes and connections among industry professionals.

After two years of Covid restrictions that have diverted MICE professionals and attendees to the digital platform, newly elected President Richard Ireland wants to bring back the buzz of in-person peer-to-peer networking and to attract talents to the MICE industry.

“What our members want is peer-to-peer networking, and the more networking we do, the easier it will be to generate the vibe and energy that attracts people back to the industry,” said Ireland.

Ireland expressed his confidence in working towards the recovery of the industry with the new Executive Committee (Exco) members. “We’ve got 4-5 new Exco members with different levels of diverse experiences, and I really want to be able to promote the work that they're doing.”

He also shared that while SACEOS has seen members leave due to business closures and staffing cuts, there has been a bright light at the end of the tunnel. “I'm delighted to share that we have several great sign-ups from world-class organisers in the last couple of months. It’s a solid validation that we are creating more value for our members, which will, in turn, attract more members.”

With the latest streamlining of Covid-19 measures from 15 March in Singapore, organisers can look forward to the steady come-back of MICE activities that will foster industry connections and collaborations.

“We're at a very critical time of our re-opening, and as a result, we need to continue to demonstrate that events can be run safely in a controlled environment. We have already had immensely successful pilot events in Singapore, and now it's time to move to a more normalised environment,” said Ireland.

He stressed that as the industry moves to the recovery stage, it is necessary to attract international events back to Singapore, as well as attract old and new talents back to the industry. 

Find out more about the new 43rd Exco members.

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