Traveller Friction: How it affects companies, and why you should care

Fifty percent of road warriors want to travel significantly less in two years while 15% are nearly burned out on travel, reveals the "Traveler Friction: Insights from U.S. Road Warriors" study conducted by MMGY Global for Airlines Reporting Corp, American Express Global Business Travel and tClara. 

Of the 757 business travellers surveyed, 85% would change jobs if it meant the same amount of travel, but a better travel policy. Eighty-three per cent said a new employer's travel policy would be equally or more important than pay or responsibilities. 

"By understanding this research and having the right technologies in place and partners by their side, travel managers can deliver productive experiences to reduce employee burnout and increase the quality and success of their travel programs," said Amex GBT digital traveller vice president Evan Konwiser in the release of the study.

When a corporate travel environment is improved, there are significant benefits for the company. According to the survey, 65% said gaining their top four improvements would have a very or extremely positive impact on their willingness to stay with their firm, and that their productivity would increase by an average of 44%. 

These four improvements, out of a list of 24 options, are as follows:

  • The ability to take non-stop flights where available
  • The option to choose more comfortable or convenient hotels
  • The allowance of business-class travel on flights more than six hours
  • Additional paid time off following a long stretch of travel

Said Lauri Reishus, vice president and chief officer at ARC, "This study is significant as it quantifies what for so long we've intuitively known: that frequent business travel can also be wearing."

"But what is most interesting is that it's not trip frequency that matters, it's the trip quality."

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