Time to run away!

Luxury travel experience company E:scape recently launched a wellness-based retreat which is aimed at professionals who are looking to escape from the constant pressures of balancing work, family and social commitments. The company touts the retreat as a detox for the mind and a workout for the body.

"We live in a technology-driven world and are always switched on - no wonder we are burning out quicker and faster than ever before. The mid-life crisis is now happening to those in their early 30s. The lifestyle of always being switched on for work, friends or family and replying instantly to everything seems like it's here to stay so you need to control it by turning devices off daily and stepping away which is why we have come up with the Ultimate E:scape," says Davina Ho, Co-Founder of E:scape.

The seven-night retreat takes place in June in Koh Samui, Thailand, a location which offers a budding wellness scene and a generous dose of tranquility. The retreats are designed to offer a well-balanced experience that includes physical, social, and emotional aspects for stressed out working professionals. One of the key highlights for guests on the retreat is having an executive coach at their disposal who delivers workshops on stress management and individual coaching sessions.

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