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F&B: Japanese teppanyaki gets the French treatment

Gourmet cuisine at Mark's Teppanyaki

Housed in the newly opened Taipei Marriott Hotel, Mark's Teppanyaki redefines the classic Japanese dining concept with a touch of French finesse, with an emphasis on new flavours and plating that makes each dish a work of art.

Mark's Teppanyaki has a coveted spot inside Marriott's inaugural hotel in Taiwan, located in the dynamic Dazhi District. The restaurant features a gourmet menu of Japanese and international cuisine, and a stylish décor that reflects its modern outlook in transforming a classic concept into one that is expansive and interactive.

The restaurant combines traditional teppanyaki with exquisite French style and service, serving up dishes such as purple perilla sajori rolls with liquor clams and salt-baked abalone and vegetables.

Guests can enjoy interacting with the chefs at live cooking stations while their meals are being made. Lunches start at NT$1,900 and dinners at N $2,500. 

Guests can pair their menu choices with an international selection of wine, chosen by Raymond Nien, a renowned sommelier in Taiwan.

 Mark's Teppanyaki offers a private dining experience for two pax, starting at NT $ 9,999 + 10%, which includes wine and food service.