How to plan a data-based meeting

Planning 'big data' for events and meetings

You've heard of Big Data. What you might not realize, however, is that Big Data can be leveraged by meeting planners just as easily as it can be leveraged by business analysts. The secret is using an event app, according to Lawrence Coburn, CEO of event app company DoubleDutch.

According to Coburn, meeting planners who get their attendees to use an event app as they navigate a meeting can use that app to generate, collect, and interpret data about attendees, which meeting planners can then use to make data-based decisions about future events.

"It's not about the mobile event app; it's about how you can use data to optimize your events like you would optimize a webpage," Coburn tells Successful Meetings. "If you can engage people on an app throughout the whole event you can learn so much … about them. For example, on our app we see about 183 actions per user at a typical event. An action can be a tap on a profile page, a meeting request, a 'like,' a comment, a bookmark, a message sent to a fellow attendee. There are 75 different kinds of signals … that generate user actions. This is an incredible fire hose of data."

Parsed the right way, this data can tell you what attendees like at your events so you can do more of it, and what they don't so you can do less of it.

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