How to kick your trade show booth up a notch

Trade show booths are a dime a dozen. If you want to stand out from the crowd, therefore, you must take your trade show display from "ordinary" to "extraordinary," according to Will Farmer, partner and COO at Creatacor, a Clifton Park, NY-based company that designs, fabricates, and manages custom displays for trade show exhibitors and event marketers.

"You have only a few seconds to catch [attendees' attention]," Farmer tells Successful Meetings magazine. "The display'' design needs to establish your brand identity and a compelling reason for the attendee to stop and take notice."

One way to attract attention in an exhibit hall is with natural materials, according to Creatacor.

"Raw materials like wood and stone are 'in.' Big exhibit displays featuring salvaged crates and scrap wood, mixed with modern designs, create a natural, eclectic look," it reports. "In general, wood brings a warm, natural feeling to any booth. Plus, the inclusion of recycled wood lends a rustic and earthy feel. You can even print directly onto plywood."

Or, you can always go the technology route. "Touch screens and walls enable users to engage and interact with technology and an exhibitor's products. They also are proven to help an attendee or consumer linger in your space," Creatacor shares. "Plasma screens are a staple, but 8-foot or 12-foot touch walls can be built to fill a space, allowing an attendee to interact through motion, touch, and sound."

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