How to keep millennials engaged in their jobs

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From fresh ideas to high energy, young people can add a lot to your company's workforce -- provided they're happy enough with their jobs to stay in them and contribute.

The secret to ensuring that they are is creating "meaningful roles" for them, according to Successful Meetings contributor Bruce Tulgan, founder and president of RainmakerThinking Inc.

"Millennials, especially the most capable and ambitious among them, push hard for more significant roles with increased responsibilities at much earlier stages in their careers than new young workers of generations past," Tulgan says. "Millennials … are always in a hurry to advance to the next skill set or the next task, responsibility, or project -- even when they seem clearly not ready."

So, how does one give Millennial employees the increasing responsibility they crave?

"You may have to unbundle complex roles and then rebuild them one tiny piece at a time," Tulgan advises. "You can give Millennials meaningful work at early stages in their tenure if you commit to teaching and transferring to them one small task or responsibility at a time … Every new task turns into a proving ground, which enables them to demonstrate proficiency and earn more responsibility right away."

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