How to Save Time Planning a Niche Meeting

How to save time planning a niche meeting

Because of their unique requirements, niche meetings -- meetings in sectors like pharma, finance, and technology -- can be unusually tough and time-consuming to plan. Meeting planners can lighten their load, however, by choosing a venue that specializes in their sector.

"Many hotels are courting meetings and conventions by embracing a segmented sales-and-marketing strategy; instead of having something for every meeting, hotels are positioning themselves to have everything for some types of meetings," reports Successful Meetings magazine.

By choosing a hotel that knows your industry intimately, you can free up valuable time and resources with which to plan your meeting's program.

"The most significant benefit to the planner is time: When you know the hotel you're dealing with is an expert in your field, you don't have to spend your valuable time explaining to them, for example, what an investigator meeting is in the life sciences sector," says Gene Hare, area director of sales and marketing at the Hilton Chicago. "We want you, as a planner, to be able to spend your time focusing on the content of your meeting rather than worrying about the infrastructure of it."

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