Planners’ Checklist: 5 Tips for A Successful Event

Even if your event goes off without a hitch, it doesn't matter if those who attended thought it was ho-hum. What you really need to do is getting people to show interest, to engage, and most importantly, to leave feeling like it was time well-spent.

We offer top tips to help you do just that:


1. Use flowers to brighten and convey


Flower Field Hall

Nothing spruces up an event space like fresh floral arrangements. Add a touch of class to your venue by arranging stalks of flowers in petite vases that double up as pen holders. For a perpetual spring-like experience, select a venue like Gardens by the Bay's iconic Flower Field Hall, which, on one side, overlooks a stunning array of exotic blooms in the Flower Dome, and on the other, affords magnificent views of the Marina Bay skyline. Did you know you can also use the colours of flowers to convey your event theme? For instance, yellow flowers - unofficial symbol of friendship - featured prominently at the recently held White House Singapore state dinner in Washington DC to represent the bilateral ties between the two countries.


2. Create spaces that facilitate social sharing


Having a photo booth is one way to inject buzz to your event (Photo Credit: Antoine2K/iStock)

If no one is sharing updates about your event, maybe it's because there is simply nothing interesting to share. Give people things to look at, like a cool art installation or branded stickers, providing photo-worthy props such as oversized cut-out, or simply letting a picturesque venue speak for itself. Lighting is important too, because no matter how beautiful the décor is, a grainy photo is simply not going to cut it. Lastly, to get your event trending, encourage attendees to post updates to social media using hashtags promoted by speakers or included in your programme.


3. Arrange a surprise


The Garden Rhapsody light and sound show from Secret Life of Trees

Even when you are planning a corporate event, it doesn't have to be all work and no play. And come on, who doesn't love a surprise? Incorporating unexpected elements is one of the surest ways to impress your attendees. This could be as simple as planning a pampering hand massage prior to the event, or timing a champagne service just before the start of a light and sound show such as The Garden Rhapsody - it plays twice a day at 7.45pm and 8.45pm - so guests can enjoy the mesmerising interplay of lights and music with a flute in hand. To elevate the experience, hold your function at charming al fresco garden Secret Life of Trees, which is one of the prime spots for catching the display. 


4. Incorporate sustainability with elegance


A setting that's as eco-friendly as it is stylishly rustic (Photo Credit: id-art/iStock)

With so much talk about going green, sustainable events are now becoming the norm rather than the exception. Hop on the bandwagon by making simple adjustments such as serving water from refillable clear jugs instead of providing conventional bottled water, as they can also act as beautiful centrepieces. Instead of having a printed agenda, go paperless. Not only does a mobile app save paper and look more sleek, it is easier for attendees to stay on track.


5. Plan for a rainy day, literally


Waterview Room

While there is really only one climate in Singapore (read: muggy) to speak of, weather conditions of late have been pretty erratic, making planning for outdoor events particularly tricky. Besides checking the weather forecast ahead of schedule, think about those little touches that can really leave a lasting impression. When anticipating sunny days, ask in advance if you can rent additional air conditioning units or fans. On the actual day, hand out mini fans or sunscreen to grateful delegates. For rainy days, consider ordering branded golf umbrellas to shelter your guests during sudden downpours. Should you prefer not to be held hostage by the weather, opt for a versatile venue such as Waterview Room that offers the best of both worlds. With its ceiling-to-floor glass panels, this indoor setting offers superb views of the waterfront and garden surroundings, while ensuring that you are sheltered from the elements. Bonus: Chauffeur-driven Garden Cruisers can also be pre-arranged to ferry your guests to the venue. 


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