Chatbot Summit relocates to London

London is home to 1,300 AI companies and has a vibrant start-up ecosystem.

ExCel London: venue of Chatbot Summit from October 11-12, 2023.
ExCel London: venue of Chatbot Summit from October 11-12, 2023. Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Shawn

London’s reputation as the AI capital of Europe has helped it to clinch the bid to host Chatbot Summit from October 11-12, 2023. The event is expected to draw 2,000 delegates and 50 exhibitors.

England’s capital city is home to 1,300 artificial intelligence (AI) companies and is considered the world’s most AI-driven city, ahead of New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

The Summit will take place at ExCeL London, marking its first in-person conference since the pandemic. The summit is also relocating from Berlin. The event was founded in 2016.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with VisitBritian, London & Partners and ExCeL to bring Chatbot Summit to the UK capital,” said Yoav Barel, CEO and founder of Chatbot Summit. “London’s unique positioning as a home for some of the world’s leading brands, top academic institutions, and a vibrant start-up ecosystem makes it an ideal location for the summit.

“This move provides us with an exciting opportunity to further our mission to accelerate conversational AI by bringing together the best and brightest in the field and providing a platform for collaboration and growth.”

Jane Hague, head of business development for conference and events at ExCeL, said: “As well as London being the world’s most AI-driven city, it is also ranked the highest for AI-education, so we hope this event will act as a legacy for the city’s next generation, in particular our neighbour and start-up partner, the University of East London.”

Source: AMI