SACEOS’ one-time legal clinic

Legal advisers helped to review planners’ contracts

Online bookings were accepted on a first-come-first paid basis due to limited slots.

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers' (SACEOS) legal advisors hosted a coronavirus legal clinic to review planners' business contracts last Friday. Priority was given to members and SMEs without in-house legal counsels/advisors and with urgent needs for contracts to be reviewed.

Planners are on edge about what action to take as the interruptions to their businesses have forced them to examine the impact of coronavirus on the contractual rights and obligations of their business contracts. These include the consideration of the force majeure clause (if any) in a contract and business continuity and disaster recovery obligations.

"SACEOS SME Legal Clinic is a closed-door, by registration event to provide our members an avenue of legal consult. Registration is on-going; we are encouraged by the responses from our small-medium enterprises who do not have access to immediate inhouse legal support," SACEOS said in a statement at press time.

"Through our interactions with our SME member organisations, members have shared with SACEOS that they need immediate assistance to understand their remit in the legal clauses, force majeure, being one."

As the coronavirus situation is evolving, organisations are considering to postpone or defer events. From this session, SACEOS wanted to bring together industry members, especially SMEs who do not have in house lawyers to have access with a legal officer to understand how they can strengthen their fundamentals in business contracts.

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