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IAPCO’s online learning platform, webEDGE, has kicked off with an enthusiastic response

webEDGE: the learning platform’s package is accessible to members for free and to non-members for US$140.
webEDGE: the learning platform’s package is accessible to members for free and to non-members for US$140. Photo Credit: IAPCO

WORLDWIDE – webEDGE, the IAPCO online learning platform, has included in its launch, a brand-new Congress Project Management Package, which is delivered by meeting professionals.

Attendees are recommended to complete the Congress Project Management Course within 6 months, and they will have 12 months to view the webinars after purchase. Each course has its own handouts which includes slides in PDF form. Participants can submit questions on any of the content to - these will be distributed to the speaker.

There is also a moderated IAPCO LinkedIn WebEDGE Community Forum - where questions can be asked, and knowledge shared with other international meeting professionals.

Upon completion of each course, a CMP credit will be allocated for that course. IAPCO will upload this information to the EIC Hub.

For the course on Budgets and Cashflow, attendees will learn how to build a detailed, accurate budget which reflects the scope of the conference and its financial parameters. Following this, they will build a cashflow forecast based on budget and interpret budget and cashflow data to explain it in a way that clients can readily understand and use to inform their decision-makers.

For the course on Digital Meetings, participants will assess the value of a digital event, and learn about the components of a digital event to be able to develop and manage a digital event.

Quick Facts about the Congress Project Management Package
• The Congress Project Management Package contains 14 courses, each individual course containing four webinars (10-20 minutes)
• All content is delivered by meetings industry experts using real-life case studies
• Accessible learning on any device
• IAPCO e-Certificate upon completion
• 15.25 CMP hours
• Access to the moderated IAPCO LinkedIn webEDGE community forum for questions and knowledge sharing
 • Completion badge for email signatures and social media profiles
• Cost of the package is $140; or users can buy just one of the courses for $25
• IAPCO members can access the course for free.

Topics include:
1. Budgets and Cashflows
2. Cultural Intelligence
3. Digital Events
4. Exhibition
5. Legacy
6. Marketing
7. Meeting Design
8. Negotiation
9. Project Planning
10. Risk & Crisis Management
11. Social Events
12. Sponsorship
13. Venue Selection
14. Working with Clients

Ms Olivia Galun IAPCO membership and marketing manager, said: “Further to this we are hosting our IAPCO impact dialogues on the webEDGE forum including: Becoming Empowered for the Brave New Digital World; The Virtual Congress – Is It Really Possible?”

Since the launch, some 380 individual meeting professionals from 38 countries have signed up. Non-members have responded “very well to it”, added Ms Galun, as the pricing is accessible for the course and the 15.25 CMP clock hours is very desirable.

AIM Group International has sent its teams for weekly webinars and training courses. “The IAPCO WebEDGE was launched with a perfect timing. It helped our teams not only to close their skills gaps, but also to expand their horizons, while feeling part of the IAPCO global community and being proud of our profession,” said Ms Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno, VP, AIM Group International.

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