by M&C Asia | September 26, 2017
While the dining reception offers planners a vast canvas to showcase their creativity and design memorable experiential elements in meetings and events, it can often be tricky to navigate the changing food trends and preferences while incorporating the much-needed pizzazz. 

Purple Sage, a boutique caterer who has honed its culinary craft with fifteen years in the business, identifies four of the latest food trends for your next event.

1. Food with a 'modern' twist

Involve modern cooking techniques and food decoration in the preparation of Asian staples to deliver an enhanced dining experience that will bring together local and western inspired flavours. Local favourites such as wonton, pie tie shells and spinach tofu can be enhanced with greater experimentation with food textures, an exciting frontier in food science, shared Chef Teo Yeow Siang, executive chef, Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd.

2. Serve delectable stories on a plate

The messy-goodness of local dishes such as chilli crab can be reinvented as savoury bites, giving delegates the chance to learn about the local flavours and heritage as well as to appreciate the global transformation of the dish by molecular gastronomy techniques. Dishes like the Chilli Crab Dome Mantou can be served to your guests by attentive butlers or at action stations.

3. Use farm-raised ingredients

Planners looking to answer to the global call for food sustainability can look into sourcing for catering options that are able to incorporate quality local produce.

4. Incorporate design concepts 

Centring the dining experience on a strong theme can further enhance the overall event experience and help convey key messages and take-aways, shared Chris Loh, co-founder and creative director, Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd. An example planners can consider: flesh out the reception's 'Arabian Night' theme by arranging for special decor like arabic lamps, linens, jewels and colours.

Unique catering venues with strong design elements like Gardens by the Bay can also pull together the experiential element of an event.