by Brooke Thio | September 12, 2017
Innovation in MICE is no longer a matter of apps and social media hashtags - it's about seamless integrations that enhance the meeting experience. That was what delegates learnt from experts in AR/VR, attendee management, and online ticketing at the Asian MICE Forum 2017's panel "New Sparkle of MICE Technology".

With the Internet putting information at our fingertips, buyers are better prepared than ever and organisers need to add value. David Francis, Head of Sales APAC at Zappar, believes AR and VR can do this.

"We can create virtualised products and services that save on the cost of shipping actual equipment to a show, while creating new experiences on the expo floor," shared Francis, who showed how a VR headset allowed visitors to shrink down to the size of an ink drop and explore the insides of a printer.

Similarly, Tony Wan, CEO of 31 Event, showed how event attendees in China could use platforms like WeChat to join real-time chat groups and even tip speakers, while organisers generated leads with detailed knowledge of each individual.

All the speakers agreed that MICE technology should fulfil actual attendee and organiser goals, and not be included merely for its 'sparkle'. "A lot of events are about networking, collecting information, and enjoyment. The fun is what the attendee sees, while for organisers it's to measure engagement, track attendance, and drive participation," said Stéphane Doutriaux, Founder & CEO, Poken. 

Planners could think about how actions like real-time check-ins to meeting sessions and treasure hunts around event booths not only generate leads for sellers, but could also aid in managing event security. 

The key takeaway for sellers, though, was the need to invest in implementation. "You will not get points just for doing something in AR if the content is poor quality," declared Francis.